Service Industry


As a baker, you will get the opportunity to pursue your passion for taste, texture and perfect baking. You will work in bakeries making a variety of breads and cakes and also have the opportunity to open your own shop.

You can further your education and for example become a process technologist and service economist.


Working within beauty therapy, you focus on pampering people with skin and beauty treatments or relaxing spa and wellness experiences. You will gain a high level of expertise in analyzing and treating skin, providing both physical and mental well-being.

You can get a job in skincare clinics, spa and wellness centers or start your own clinic. 


Preparing delicious meals may be the most obvious part of being a chef, but there is much more to the job than that. You need to be able to prepare budgets, place orders, keep track of inventory, stay up to date with the latest food trends and, of course, healthy eating habits.

As a chef, you’ll become an expert in creating great flavors. You will learn a craft that focuses on techniques and everything there is to know about flavors, equipping you for everything from traditional cooking to gastronomic cuisine and food production.

You can get a job in a variety of places – from small cafés to large restaurants or international hotel chains. Or you can pursue a career as a chef, restaurateur or food consultant.


Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in driving innovation and growth across industries. A good entrepreneur is characterized by a strong ability to take initiative and to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Entrepreneurs have an understanding for a range of disciplines such as strategy, product development, marketing, accounting, and law. They are also characterized by creativity, critical thinking, quick adaptation to changing business conditions, confidence, and responsibility for their own decisions. All these skills enable them to effectively manage and dynamically develop the company.

With an education in office, commerce and business services, you have lots of career opportunities. And whether you are interested in clothing and fashion, sports equipment, electronics, jewellery, cosmetics, housing, books or something else, you will have a good foundation to start developing your business idea.


A trip to the hairdresser can be much more than just a quick haircut. It can involve styling, coloring and the use of special treatments. As a hairdresser, you can combine your creative skills with craftsmanship, and hairdressing requires good interpersonal skills as customer contact is of great importance. The program teaches you everything from cutting techniques and styling to business understanding and psychology, and as a qualified hairdresser you can get a job in salons, become self-employed or work in, for example, theatres and TV productions.


Working within health and social care, you are a key person for the sick, elderly and disabled, based on both professionalism and empathy.

The program teaches you how to perform nursing and caring tasks and gives you extensive knowledge about the body, diseases, prevention and medicine. You can work in nursing homes, hospitals and psychiatric care centers.


Working at a hotel reception, you’re a key person and the face of the business, whether you work in a conference center or a hotel. Therefore, you need to be outgoing and curious about people and cultures.

You will gain knowledge of customer and guest service, sales and marketing, cultural understanding and psychology. You can get a job nationally and abroad and pursue a career as a leader or manager.


As a pastry chef, you can develop your creative skills within the art of baking. It is a profession for the artistic and creative soul, but it also requires solid cooking skills to turn creative ideas into a delicious and flavorful experience.

You can work in pastry shops making everything from wedding cakes, celebration cakes and wreath cakes to whipped cream cakes and dry cakes. You can also choose to open your own shop or further your education to become a process technologist and service economist.


As a waiter, you will become an expert in providing great service and creating great experiences for others. You will learn a craft where every detail of your knowledge of serving, hosting, wine and presentation of menus and ingredients counts.

You can get a job in a small café, a gourmet restaurant or in an international hotel chain. You can also pursue a career as a leader or manager, start your own place or take extra training to become a sommelier.

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